WHO AM I ? Awareness Embody Action 7-22-21

Who am I?

Is one of the most asked questions on the road toward awakening.

You ask yourself the question often and answer with your name, age, occupation, family relationship, hobbies, etc.

With each description you have removed one face of the mask of your ego.

Gradually or suddenly you may arrive at a profound newness of awareness.

Usually the understanding of “who” is that it is asking a question.  However, what would it be like to consider the who as a name for God and thereby the question becomes a statement.  Who am I becomes God stating, “God am I.”  This is as if God were talking within the voice in your head and saying the answer to the question when it is asked as a question with the statement; God am I.

Imagine what the momentary bodily feeling tone sensation might be of accepting that answer. 

Imagine being pulled along down the stream of life by Spiritual Gravity.

Imagine the sensation of completing a long enduring difficult task and sitting down under the shade of a tree with a cool breeze flowing by.

All the questions, doubt and need to know for an instant drop away. 

Above is the first part of a three part sequence:

First to imagine the awareness of peace, calm and stillness.

Second is to embody the sensation associated with this quietness.

Third is to plan an action to express this momentary awakening.

The action might be a change in your habitual relationship with everyday life.

You know what the right action is in most situations but you resist doing that right thing. And even when you do the right thing you might be holding back with some resentment.

 Dropping the resentment and acting with a pure motive is one possibility. 

Another might be truly listening to others when they speak and giving it your complete undivided attention. 

What might be an action your would enjoy freeing up from your ego?  What resistance might you drop when you are flying high on the wings of Spiritual Gravity?


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