Awareness As First Thought

Recall the last time you waiting for your server to come to take your order.

Next the last time you were standing on line at the grocery.

And third the last time you were sitting in you car waiting for the light to change.

In each of the above bring back into your mind any of the people that you may have noticed in the restaurant, on line with you or in an adjacent car.

What was the comparison that your thoughts revolved around?  What was the subject that your thoughts automatically reach into first as an evaluation?

What you are looking for is not those associations that may be related to the last song on the radio or the last conversation you may have had with another.  Look deeper to the times you are alone. You may be walking the dog and another dog walker passes by.  Do you notice the dog or the person first? Do you compare the size and shape of the dog that is approaching compared to your own?  Are safety concerns about two dogs or two people jumping into your thoughts?

Go back to the waiting for the server, the others in line and those in adjacent cars.  Is there a routine first comparison that comes to mind.  One that forms a foundation that you routinely think of first and then go on to the other details that comes into your awareness. Do you purposefully look away so as not to notice others or to be noticed? But even with this you still form some immediate comparison to either yourself others or similar experiences.

If you are on a spiritual path and would enjoy moving along a bit easier I invite you to continue reading and to see if this approach is of benefit.

From a nondual perspective awareness is the basis of everything.  It is inside and around everything. And everything on the physical plane is created by and revealed within awareness.  With this in mind in reference to a song; awareness would become the singer your would be the singing as the song is being sung. All three named parts of the song are alternative names of awareness.  In the same way one tree is made up of a truck, limbs, branches, stems and leaves; all alternative names of the tree.

If your first thought when seeing someone was that they were just another part of you as your left hand might think of your right hand what feelings would be associated with this rather than your usual first thought. When you contemplate that everything is a part of the singer, singing and song then you can let go of being at the song end and reach out (or in) to engagement at the singer end.  It all returns to awareness.

By immediately returning your first thought back to the singer or to awareness you can gradually change the first thought to one of awareness and everything will shift with you. This one change is all you need.  Look toward awareness first rather than your conditional habitual or even karmic habit.


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