Reach For The Stars 8-27-2021

At times it feels as though I have one hand stretched out and extending into the realm of the undifferentiated cosmos and the other pressing keys on the keyboard (mainly when this occurs I am typing with one hand). The hand in the cosmos feels weightless and airy as it receives something that courses into my body/mind and comes out as thoughts and words that seemingly arise within my mind from nowhere.  Where do thoughts come from?  It feels as though I am reading a blurry picture image that as the light waves come off the image are transposed into thoughts and words.  Sometimes the images are clearer than others.  Sometimes the concepts sit in the space of my awareness and I can sketch representations of the energy that is formed from the sensations of a contemplation.

Today’s sketch comes from the conceptual image of two sides of a thought one light and the other dark; like a cloud in the morning with the sunlight on one side of the cloud looking white and dark on its shadow side. When I saw this early this morning it struck me that everything has these two sides.  And that when I stretch my awareness to see the full extent the edges of both sides my view becomes greater, more encompassing, balanced and calm.  The ink in the well of my mind starts to flow out as streaming thoughts and into meaningful word phrases that create sensations of wonder.


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