You are as light as empty space 8-30-21

Go into your imaginary back yard and bring a shovel with you.  Dig a huge hole piling all of the dirt you are taking out of the hole half on one side and half on the other.

Now stand back and look at the empty hole.  Notice the space that the dirt had taken up in the ground is now an empty hole.  But remember that the space where the hole is, is the same whether it is filled with the dirt in it or empty with the dirt taken out.  The space is the same filled or empty.  And the space is not affected by the dirt or anything else that might be thrown into the hole.

Imagine throwing some garbage into the empty hole and letting it remain there for a day or two until it rots and starts to stink.  At any time you can decide to take the garbage out of the hole so that it is empty again and throw in some roses so that the air in the space smells better.  Again at no time did the garbage or the roses affect the space of the hole.  Only the sir in the hole or the earth at its sides were affected.  The space remains unchanged empty of anything.

Next, imagine you are the space. You are not the dirt or the air or the earthen sides of the hole.  You, as the space are empty and unaffected by anything that may be thrown into you.  Insults from others as well as aches and pains and even thoughts of your own mind are being thrown into the space of you.  You, as identified with the empty space are untouched.  You can remain as the witness watching the hole being filled and emptied moment by moment day by day. Relieved from all of the stuff that comes your way and falls into the hole of you, there is nothing to disturb your peaceful restful watching. 

You do not have to believe this imaginary tale.  All you need is to have it as a point of view a vantage point to see each moment.  Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what appears to be real or what appears in your thoughts.  It sees it as what is.  The illusion of being free from garbage in your hole is accepted by your subconscious mind as readily as actually taking the garbage out of the hole.  Create the illusion and see the beneficial results of pace, calm and stillness.

The tale of the washer man illustrates this point.  Each day a washer man led his donkey through the village picking up the dirty laundry from house to house and placing it on his donkey.  At the river the washer man washed and then laid the clothing on the rocks to dry.  He then folded the clothing loaded it back on the donkey and returned to the village. 

One day when he got to the river he realized that he had left the rope he used to tie the donkey to a tree back at the village.  It was too far to go back and retrieve and then return to the river.  He was beside himself.  There was no way he could go down to the river with the clothing and leave the donkey all alone at the top of the hill.  The donkey would just wander off and he would not be able to carry the clothing back to the village. 

Just then a wise man had stopped by and listened to his dilemma.  Not to worry he said. Just make sure the donkey is watching you and go through all of the motions to show the donkey you are trying the rope to the tree.  The washer man was very skeptical and said with no rope the donkey would wander away.  The wise man insisted and the washer man did as he had asked and made sure the donkey was watching as he pretended to tie it to a tree.  He went down started washing the clothing and looked up the hill to see that the donkey  remained next to the tree. When he finished and had folded all of the clothing and loaded it back on the donkey he signaled the donkey to come with him; the donkey refused to move.  Perplexed he had no idea how to get the donkey to start walking with him. Just then the wise man appeared and told him to reverse the tying.  He should be sure the donkey was watching and untie it from the tree.  The washer man did as instructed and immediately the donkey started to follow him back to the village.

The donkey only needed to see in its mind a tying and assumed untying of the rope.  It was an illusion but real to the donkey.

Let your mind as the hole, be the donkey. Throw in what you like or take out what you do not like.  The subconscious mind not knowing the difference sees illusion or reality the same.  All you need is the point of view that you are the space not the hole, not your mind and not the donkey.  The illusion of not identifying with what is in your hole is all that you need to be free. Once free you will be lighter than air and able to elevate yourself and others to know your true Self.   

The hole (whole) of space is empty except for what you put into it.  Like water poured into a pitcher consciousness takes the shape of its container.


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