One Viewpoint Of Sense Contacts And Consciousness 9-23-21

A sense contact such as seeing a tree or hearing a truck go by is perceived and transmitted into your body by your eyes and ears respectively.  For you to be aware of the sight or sound you must be conscious and aware of this sense contact. In time or when you look at or hear something else the original sense contact has stopped and either simultaneously or usually a very short time after the sense contact has ended your conscious awareness of that sense stimulus fades and also stops. Although at times the conscious awareness lingers.

Behind both the sensations and thoughts is your awareness of them as they are happening and noticing when the awareness of them fades.  This is similar to your mind continuing to sing the last song you heard on the radio even though you turned off the radio hours ago. Practice noticing the end of the sense objects perception and then the dissolving of the awareness of consciousness of it. When there are no more objects of awareness then the true I or awareness is left. 

Aim for one song or one thought with one awareness at a time.  Overlapping awareness creates a back log or even a log jam.  The ego looks for something to hold on to or to push away and creates blockages by trying to direct more or less.  This creates currents or eddies in the flow of the river or stream of consciousness.  Once a log jam is created it takes a tremendous effort of outside force to break it up.  A traffic light that is slow to change can back up traffic all the way down the exit ramp.

Offer no resistance.  No blockage. Be the screen not the movie.  Remain unattached as the screen. The screen in a theater remains unchanged.  The movie that is playing does not effect the screen.  The screen offers no resistance to whatever he story of the movie is about.  Have the point of view that you are the screen that the thoughts of your mind and the sensations of your body are a movie playing on you, the screen.  Do not offer any resistance to the movie being played on you the screen.  When you offer no resistance and become the observer there will be no blockage no log jam to clear and your natural vital energy of happiness can flow freely.

A red flower behind a clear crystal gives the crystal a red appearance.  It is just an appearance of red. The crystal itself did not change color it remains clear.  In the same manner the mind, body or universe is an appearance that is mistakenly thought to be the I am (clear crystal or screen).  Allow yourself to see the clarity of the crystal and not the appearance that is translucently seen thought it.  Physical reality is there but I am not the physical reality. I am the clear crystal.  I become enraptured by brightness of the physical universe on my mind and body as illuminated by the light of consciousness.  Return to the consciousness view being the clear crystal.  Let the physical nature of reality be as it is.  It is not me. 

All well and good if I assume physical reality to be other than me. Therefore there is a  duality.  I am, and physical reality is the other.  Then I can be separate and have a body and mind but not be a body and mind.  This view point is good enough to be happy with as I am universal bliss. Sat Chit Ananda . 

However then what about advaita vedanta or Tzim Tzum etc.  What about how, why, when and who we all are?  Does it matter?  Even if I believe or experience a “knowing” it will only be a personal belief or experience; otherwise everyone would agree on the answer.  Or I will understand more later on.  For now I am content with the ability to maintain non attachment more often along with happiness more often and play.

Just for fun and to play with this thought that everything is projection of consciousness as a dream is a projection of mind.  The other day I had an image/thought/feeling of consciousness being unable to see itself.  Consciousness exists in multiple dimensions. The physical dimension is like flatland and consciousness is passing through revealing its self in this dimension as physical reality.  Simple no more is needed.  Return to non attachment and ananda of bliss.

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