Conscious subconscious divide a semi permeable membrane 9-24-21

Draw a circle that represents all of your thoughts.  All of them the ones that are conscious that are in your awareness and the ones that are subconscious and outside of your awareness.  Now draw a horizontal line across the circle about two thirds of the way up.  So that you have about one third of the circle above the line that represents your conscious thoughts. And about two thirds of the circle below the line that represents your subconscious thoughts.  Next imagine the line the divide between conscious and subconscious to have holes in it so that there is some communication or movement of thoughts from one side of the line to the other.  And imagine this divide to be an adjustable semi-permeable membrane. At times it lets more or less flow of thoughts in either direction.  You can bring up old forgotten thoughts, memories and joys and you can keep unwanted thoughts buried deep down below the line.  Some of this transfer of thought is directed by you similar to your flexing your muscles and some like your heart beating or digesting food automatic and beyond your control.  The semi-permeable membrane gives you some control similar to your ability to direct your breathing.

If you take the viewpoint of being the witness of what your mind and body are doing you develop the ability to be non- reactive to subconscious thoughts feelings and sensations as they arise and move from your subconscious into your conscious awareness.  This allows more of the old reactive habits and vexations lying within your subconscious to float up and pop through the hole in the divide.  The larger the holes the more of the old stuff that can be cleared out.  Sort of a spring cleaning.  Being non-reactive allows your awareness of these old unwanted thoughts, feelings and sensations to be felt and thoughts about.  One they see the light of day and are no longer being resisted they dissolve.

The key is to relax.  The more you relax the more you can discern and separate your thoughts from their concurrent bodily sensation.  Every thought has a matching body tone.  A specific combination of muscle tone like one violin string or a group of strings vibrating in an orchestra.  Each vibration is part of the entire sound being created. Each muscle and its amount of tension vibrates through the body creating your body tone and mood.  Change your body tone change your mood and vice versa.  

When you are non-reactive it allows the stored tension in your muscles to relax and release old stored up vibrations.  The released vibrations trigger their concurrent thoughts on the way out just as they were formed on the way in.  If you allow and maintain your composure this allow them to vibrate freely they dissolve and disappear.  You can allow the sensations to be there that enables the thoughts to be there and you become even more relaxed.

It starts with conscious relaxation of your body. A willful relaxation similar to a breathing exercise that you direct.  You can start with relaxing and not scratching an itch that appears on your face or head.  Just wait and relax into it.  Relax your face, relax your arm, breathe in and out.  Focus attention on the sensation of the air moving in and out.  Notice the air temperature as cool on the in breath and warm air on the out breath.  Try eating one potato chip. Relax into the desire to eat another. Walk away see what you feel.  Its all practice.  

In a short time you will be able to open and close the size of the openings in the semi-permeable membrane and enjoy dissolving old vexations.

You will start to reap the benefits of enjoying more of the moments of your life.  You are born with the ability to be happy.  By pushing unwanted thoughts into your subconscious you have expanded its the size like blowing air in to fill up a balloon.  Isn’t it time to help it pop open?

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