Meditation Prism Into Happiness 9-24-21

It begins with noticing right now what is your state of being.  It is an awareness of mindfulness which includes location in space, feeling tone, mood and emotional feeling about your current mood.

Also there is an underlying intention of touching happiness or being open to its awareness as it appears.  Possibly even dropping its hindrances and practicing or possibly playing with its coming back.

To play is to have an intention with no goal.

Looking backward meditation is a foundation that reverse engineers your current state of mindfulness.  With meditation you can separate your body/mind/spirit state into its component parts.  Meditation acts in a manner similar to the way a prism separates composite white light into seven main overlapping colors; also as in a rainbow. 

Within the growing calm and stillness of meditation as the muscles and tension of the body begins to soften and settle the jumbled thoughts of the mind begin to flow in line.

Think of a snow globe after being shaken and put down and watching the snow settle on the roof top and tree limbs inside. 

So as the snow, your body tension and thoughts settle you learn to notice the difference between levels of tension as they relate to your thoughts and awareness of them.  The sensations of tight jittery body tension starts to become associated with an anxious jumbled mind. As you soften your mindfulness will show less tension and a calm mind.

As you practice meditation you can begin to separate the thoughts in your head from the sensations in your body.  You become able to feel the sensations of irritation and allow them to be there without resistance to them.  Gradually as you allow the body to be as it is your thoughts of agitation also begin to settle.

One method of practice is to use the sensation of the breath as it flows in and out.  Choose the location that is the most prominent area that you are aware of as your experience of the moving breath.  Keep your attention on this one area. As you breathe contemplate the following four stages of breathing, four breaths for each stage,  in sequence and then repeat. Notice the breath moves in and out. Notice the length of the breath as short or long. Notice that the sensation continues for the entire length of the breath as it passes going in and out. And notice that the breath just keeps flowing. 

If you use this sensation as an anchor of awareness it allows your thinking mind or ego a chance to remain in stillness rather than in immediate reaction to you habitual patterns.  An itch on your face is allowed to itch without having to relieve the itch immediately.  The reminding honk you hear from the driver behind you to get moving is allowed to be a reminder and not a reprimand.  A kind word from another is accepted with humility and does not go to your head. Holding the anchor of the breath sensation you can venture out further into the world to expand the edge of your comfort zone.  As you begin to notice a separation, a spinning off, of  thought from sensation you can then spin off your emotional mood.  Again, while holding to the anchor your thoughts and emotions are “visible” without having to resist or react to them.  With practice you continue to spin off  mind, spirit , ego and aim for your true Self of awareness or consciousness. 

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