Reflections Of Wonder 12-7-2021

It seems as though everything is a reflection of something else.  The light we see is reflected off the surface of the objects all around us (unless you are looking directly at the sun that can damage your eyes).  Each of the thoughts we think are reflections from other thoughts. All of these sights and thoughts arise and fade away; they are all impermanent.

At the same time the freer or more open we are creates the ability to shape or color what we see and what we think.

Imagine being out in the darkness of space with nothing in front of you.  Imagine that all of the stars in front of you have vanished.  Now imagine the sun directly behind you.  All of the light of the sun is flowing past you and extending out in front of you with nothing to stop it (consider your shadow to be negligible). Even though the light of the sun is filling all of space in front of you since there is nothing else there in front of you to reflect the light of the sun you would see total blackness.

Next, imagine a meteor streaks across the sky in front of you.  You would see a flash of light as it reflects off the surface of the meteor as it moves through your field of vision.  What you are actually seeing is the reflected light that you perceive to be a meteor.  The meteor appears within the field of light in front of you.

Without the meteor reflecting the light you would not be aware of the light that is filling the space in front of you.  Without the field of light filling the space in front of you there would be nothing to reflect off the meteor and it too would be invisible.

The awareness of the light and the meteor arises at the same time.

Here’s the fun part.

Imagine the light to be emptiness, awareness, consciousness, love or God and the meteor to be any object, sensation, emotion, or thought.

Then just as awareness of the light and the meteor arise at the same time emptiness or awareness arises at the same time as any object, emotion or thought. 

If you simple shift awareness from seeing any object or emotion to seeing the light that illuminates it as being love or God you may return as you wish to an open state of mystery and wonder.

All objects, thoughts, emotions and sensations are an appearance within the light of awareness.  You may choose (willingly or not) to attach to the object, emotion or thought or more freely travel directly back through its reflection of awareness to its source.


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