Back From Emptiness 12-10-21

Start with a balance between a sense of awareness and the object that is illuminated by its presence in mind.  Once you have this balance you can choose to look in the direction of the object in awareness or in the direction of the awareness itself.  Rest within this awareness that is open and free with brilliant clarity.

Consider the boundary of the object and the boundaries of all of its parts. As you allow each of the parts to become smaller and smaller you notice the emptiness inherent in everything. 

Coming back from emptiness the fetters of mind drop away and sparks of insight ignite the candle of your heart.  This glowing flame radiates the loving kindness of meta and the compassionate action of karuna.  



  1. Hi Mike, I wanted to say how much I admire your continued work that’s a sign not only of your intelligence and skills but more so your high Neshema. At this time of history filled with stress, uncertainty, virus, violence, chaos, you bring a warm sense of hope and balance. Keep up God’s work and May you and your family live in peace and good health. Bruce Firestone

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    1. Hi Bruce — Perhaps everything is in a balance. Although the face of the world’s stress has gained momentum hopefully it will soon return to a softer voice. I wish for you and your family much ease and well being. Michael


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