Trifecta Approach Practice 12-20-21

Triangles, tripods, triangulation, Trinity and even trifecta are all aspects of the power of three.  In chess forming a triangle of three pieces is both a powerful offense and defense. In navigation on land and sea having a third reference pinpoints a location.  And picking a trifecta of the three pay offs of win, place and show in order multiples your winning.

Here are three contemplations, when applied together, guide you to zero in on returning more often to your sense of  happiness, love, awareness or God.

The first is li; (roots from Chinese and Sanskrit) gives a sense of the context of what is happening, as in the lay of the land, the lie of a golf ball on the ground, loci, location, lo pay attention to what is, as in lo and behold.

The second is a sense of three forms of light or awareness.  First is that whatever we see with our eyes is reflected light.  Second, when we contemplate deeply we may become aware of the light of awareness that permeates everything. This light may be the light energy of the electromagnetic force that can transform itself into matter or divide into subatomic waves that make up a “substrate” of everything. And third the mind light of cognitive behavior of grasping and aversion.  When something occurs that we do not want we tend to push it away; to separate ourselves from it.  And when it is something we do want we try to grasp it and hold on tight. Both approaches work only in the short run and not even all of the time.

Imagine a difficult experience. For me it might be the frustration, rising anger and heat of being placed on hold for the fourth time while trying to get information from a hospital emergency room about a relative that I just found out was admitted.  Or sitting still at a red light and being rear ended by the car behind and catapulted into the car in front of me. Or as simply as just waiting for my computer to download.

As a sense of frustration, worry or anger start to rise what do you do?  Usually, you resist the emotion and concentrate on behaving in a rational manner.  You may want to explode but you know “better” and resist the temptation. As this is occurring the resistance itself creates stress. The actual feeling and sensation of emotion is separate from the resistance to it. What if you embraced the pain or anger instead of pushing it away?  What if you joined with it so strongly you became one with it?  There is actually not you and the emotion but just the emotion until you separate from it with resistance and create thoughts about it; you create a duality.

Recall a time when you were in the middle of the experience of happiness, love, awareness, God or name your own.  It is difficult to describe but you know it when it is present for you.  The opposing emotions are also part of life and you know them as well. It is relatively easy to recognize when you are in one or the other; but can you switch voluntarily or do you have to wait for your entire mood to somehow gradually shift? Or sometimes have to wait for a good night’s sleep? 

One thread that appears to be the foundation of the more positive states is two fold. One, just let go of any low energetic negative state of mind; by releasing the thoughts that are sustaining it. When you have dropped any thoughts that are not in the happy, love, awareness or God realm the natural state of mind is free, open and aware.  This expansive state of mind is quite enjoyable. At this point even dropping the positive thoughts brings you closer to nondual awareness and even more expansion.  A second approach is to fully embrace the low energy emotional state. Rather than trying to drop it or push it away or resist it — join it.  As in judo use the direction of the force you are encountering.  Go with it.  Once you have fully joined with it you are again approaching a nondual realm where you become the state of mind.  There is no longer you and something you are trying to drop or get rid of or resist.  In this dimension you are again free.

Trifecta Approach Practice

When you notice a sensation or emotional response to some life event.

1. Look around get a sense of the Li; the fuller picture of what is happening. The lay of the land, the big picture, where are you, what are you doing etc.

2. Contemplate the experience of the three lights.  First the reflective type of light ie the surface sights, sounds, sensations that reflect from the experience. Second the knowing of the inner essence of all of realty the shines through everything now appearing as a silhouette. And third bounce your light of awareness as if radar off the experience and take in the sensation.

3. Lastly try both approaches. First let go of everything and become nothing open and free. Secondly take in everything leaving nothing out as you expand into the entire universe free from pushing anything away.

I have found sketching (see below) representations of thought/images a powerful enhancement of memory and their felt sense.

For more on sketching

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