Happiness At Will 1-26-2022

Although one view of happiness is that it is experienced as a state of mind; happiness has its foundation in the body.  When the sensations within the body are pleasant, warm or fuzzy happiness arises in the mind. 

One sequence having four parts can start happiness flowing in less that 60 seconds.

Just as Newton’s first law of motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force.  The same can be said to be true for happiness.  Your mind will experience happiness unless an outside force has such as worrying about the past or future occupies your mind draining away your energy and natural happiness. 

Part one is to direct your attention to your breath.  This focus immediately reduces, but does not eliminate, the amount of thought you have directed to anything else.  

Part two is to sustain your attention on the breath further reducing any straying thoughts. 

As attention on the breath continues and worrisome thoughts are reduced a natural settling of your mind signals your body to relax.  The tension of the muscles soften and the tactile sensations of the body begin to feel lighter and more spacious.

This progresses to the fourth stage where the good feeling sensations of the body seep into the awareness of thought.  Feeling good leads into thinking good thoughts that becomes liking the sensations being felt along with liking thoughts of happiness.

The first initial breath that begins the process is called vitacca.  It is like the striking of a bell.  The second part that sustains the awareness of the breath or resonance of the vibrating bell is called vicara.  As the sensations begin to shift in the body they are felt pleasantly as piti.  And the fourth stage of happiness released into the thoughts of the mind is sukha.  

You can short cut the process by thinking vitacca, vicara, piti, sukha as you become aware of each stage adding more attention as the process deepens.  The more thought that is directed away from external experience and directed to internal experience the easier it is to maintain happiness at will. 


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