Thoughts to Ponder 20-22-2022

I remember my dad coming home from work and sitting at the dinner table with his tie on.  But even more than that I remember his hat.  Maybe because although he had a number of ties he had only one hat.  As a I did not wear a hat  I remember he wore it a lot; anytime he was outside and going somewhere.  

When I was a teenager he stopped wearing starched white shirts every day to work. He also loosened his tie and started taking off his shoes before eating dinner.  

Imagine expanding the feeling of “taking off your shoes and being at home.” And then expanding that feeling a little bit at a time to being outside in a park and then outside on a city street and then inside a crowded NYC subway car.

Imagine not the closed down separating yourself sensation of being in a dense noisy crowd and not the excitement of being together with thousands of others at a rock concert.  But being at ease, unguarded and fully at peace; and being with this feeling in more and more places.  If you are one of those people that already feel comfortable anywhere then you can stop reading.

For the rest of us …

What are the feelings associated with not feeling at home?

Self consciousness

Wearing clothing that is less comfortable

Fitting in to a particular behavior type 

Being dressed accordingly 

Role playing


What if all of the actors in a play or movie were dressed the same?  Would the story they told be affected?  Could they portray their character without the outward visual appearance of a costume? 

What is the costume of being at home?  

Do rock band performers wear their most comfortable clothing or is it part of the act for them to dress as if they were?

If getting “dressed” for an occasion whether it is for a picnic, beach, rock concert or funeral do the outfits create your personality for the occasion?  

How much of “me” do I try to portray when I go out of the house? 

As I have relaxed more into me and less of my projected me I am more able to dress less.  Although I still put on a collared shirt when I am going to a doctor’s office or as most golf courses require, a collared tucked in shirt. 

From a philosophical viewpoint there are a number of larger fields of view than our usual constricted image of ourselves.  When we can tap into and merge with any of these fields we tend to loosen our ties and wear softer more flexible footwear.  

Meditation enhances this change.

Why is that? 


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