A Hole In The Universe 3-25-22

Take a piece of paper and cut a hole in the center. In order for there to be a hole it has to be surrounded by the paper. The hole is not paper. The hole and the paper are inter-connected.

For there to be a piece of paper it has to be surrounded by space. The paper is a hole in the space. The paper is not space. 

Thich Nhat Hanh and many others speak of trees being made up of many things; their leafs, twigs, water, earth, sunlight, heat, space and … as they are all inter-are or inter-being.

Mostly we think of ourselves as being inside our bodies and everything else being outside. The inside being me and the outside being other. We feel that even though we are a part of the Universe we still mainly feel that we are inside and the Universe is outside.

It is as though we are a hole in the Universe.  

Am I the only thing in the Universe that is not the Universe?  Come out come out from your hiding place. We often play a game of hide and seek where we pretend to forget that we are already free.  We then find someone to play with that we think is free and let that person help us rediscover our own freedom.

When we begin with already being free within a non-dual Universe that is itself free then every thing that covers a portion of the freedom can be viewed as a garment, a covering,  that veils the freedom and gives it a shape and function.  In a Buddhist perspective these garments are called the 10,000 things.

Garments are like rental ice skates that you return when your session is over.

When you wear skates you are a skater.  When you eat food you are an eater.  Return to “you.”  Become like a tofu ego that takes on the flavor of its momentary environment. Rediscover being the knowing Universe not the hole.

The body mind is a window to see through but not to become identified with. 

Books, words and thoughts are only pointers to the moon of God.

Allow viewing the moon to be knowing the Universe through the hole of you.


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