Expanding To The Edge OF The Universe 4-28-2022


Imagine standing in the center of the open space inside a huge temple or train station or enclosed stadium etc.  You look up and feel the enormity of space but within the protection and security of having a roof over your head.  Just as a sports team is now free to play ball protected from any interference of weather you are untethered from any concerns or attachments to past or future.  You join completely with the present moment. The letting go of the weight of those mind thoughts elicits a spontaneous feeling of joy. 


Imagine you are in your house in your favorite chair, lying on the floor or comfortable in your bed.  You close your eyes and think about the room you are in.  Within your minds eye you picture the walls, ceiling and floor as if you are expanding into the size and shape of the room.  Picture going into another room and then another until you have a sense of expanding into the size and shape of your entire house.  You might picture your house as as if looking down from a helicopter. 

Next, know of your house as “my house.”  Bring to mind a house you previously lived in and after a moment of reflection think of that house as “my house.”  If you like go through the same expansion process of each room. 

Continue and recall a house you lived in as a child.  Go through a few of the rooms or focus on your bedroom and feel this house also as “my house.” 

Know as you are thinking that although each of these houses are different they all have the same feeling of being “my house.”

Acknowledge the feeling of being separate from the houses. You are the subject that remains the same and the houses are the objects that keep changing. Even though it took some time until the feeling of the new house became morphed and merged into the knowing of “my house” you became so adapted to the new house it covered over the older one. 

Moving along close your eyes, if they are open and sense your body from the top of your head to the tip of your fingers and toes.  Feel the entire inside of your body and move your awareness up to the inner edge of your skin.  Feel the “you” as being within your entire body and the world of everything else as outside of you, your body, Think of this body, the one you  are aware of right now as being  “my body.”

Now bring to mind your body 10 or 20 years ago and  think of having thought of this body as “my body.”  And  even while acknowledging the changes that have occurred within your body go back another 10, 20 or more years to being a kid in this body.  And that you felt at that time that this is “my body.”  The same you but a changing body. 

The same knower of my changing body is the same knower of my changing house.

Or my changing thoughts. Or my changing emotions.

I am larger than my house, larger than my body, larger than my thoughts.

As you are sitting or lying down expand your awareness to the every edge of your skin.  Then expand your self to the walls of your house and then to the surface of the earth and then into the boundaries of the universe. 

Looking in from the outside  Hold onto your hat as the winds of awareness might just blow it off.


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