Blue Sky Happiness 5-20-2022

Imagine a snow globe filled with water, small specks of white snow flakes and a winter scene of trees and cottages. Shake it and watch the snow slowly settle. Next imagine each flake to be a remnant of the frustrations of a difficult day’s situations and experiences; that have piled up one on top of another.  Sure, I understand you would prefer to stay with the comfy wintry scene but for now let that go. I will return you there and even make it better. So for a moment hold the flecks of frustration in mind.

Imagine a cloudy sky with only a few small patches of blue sky showing through.  Bring to mind the blueness of a beautiful sky. Feel its peaceful calm covering of blueness and allow yourself to fall into its idyllic tone.  But alas the clouds start to fill in and the image of the blue patches shrink and disappear into a cloudy gray.  But you know deep in your heart and mind the blue sky of peaceful joy is always there above the clouds that veil it.

Next pour some bubbly seltzer into the snow globe filled with frustrating specks and watch as the small bubbles attach themselves to some of the bits of white troubling thoughts. Watch as the bubbles rise to the surface, as seltzer bubbles are know to do, lifting some of the frustrations along with them. Create an opening in the top of the snow globe and see the frustrating specks going up into the sky and finding the small blue patches of open sky that have reappeared.  The unwanted thoughts and frustrations of the days experiences pull you upward into the open blue sky above all of the tensions of the day. Take a moment watching and letting go relaxing into the peace of now.

As you rest in this joy and happiness the cloud layer vanishes as you take in a full huge breath and with a happy birthday wish blow out any of the remaining clouds.

See the calm blueness all around you.

Breathe: and enjoy the happiness of the fresh cool wintry scented air.


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