Returning to Happiness 9-3-2022

How long do you have to live in house before it becomes a home?  I have lived in eight “houses” and each one felt like home.  That is “being home.”  A place where you can take your shoes off and be “yourself.”  So after living in eight different places it appears that home is not the physical structure. Home has the etherial quality that transcends the physical.  It cannot be found but it certainly exists.

How about finding your “you?”  It certainly exists just look in the mirror or pinch your face.  But perhaps what you are observing is your “house body.”  The you that is “home” transcends the physical body.

The transition from house to home and from body to you is effortless. It is as easy as breathing out. After you breathe in just open, relax, drop all effort to do anything and the breath flows out all on its own effortlessly.

The greatest obstacle to being home is resistance.  When an uncomfortable physical sensation, an unwanted emotional feeling or especially a fearful thought is present it is not wanted and its presence is resisted. This resistance to what is present blocks the enjoyment of being “home.” However, to hold onto the resistance requires some effort. Just like the effort needed to hold your breath.

All that is needed to return to being at home is to drop the effort that comes from holding on to the resistance.  The key is to notice the resistance and the effort you are exerting to hold on to the resistance. Then drop the effort. Releasing the effort to hold your breath allows the breath to flow out. In the same way when the effort to hold the resistance is dropped it will fall away by itself and being at home will take its place.

Becoming effortless even if for one moment allows you to feel the edge of being home.


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