Clones of God 9-28-2022

Imagine being in a dark room with a huge domed ceiling. At the top near the center a small hole opens and a beam of light flows in.  At first the beam is narrow enough to be seen as it reflects off the dust particles floating in the air. As the hole in the dome opens further letting in more light the dark background of the room disappears along with the ability to see the reflection of light off the dust. 

The dark room is our mind.  The hole in the dome is knowledge. The beam of light is God Light of Awareness.  See through the illusion of physical reality to the foundation of God that is continually the inside and outside of all. 

We are clones of God. 

Perhaps or once upon a time, or even right now, bits of Awareness unite into waves of energy flowing in and out of existence. And yet here we are writing and reading thoughts creating images that pop in and out of our minds.  Like words in a dictionary that use one to describe another and another going in an unending circle we forget that the solidness of standing on the edge of the earth is just another speck of dust floating along in the darkness of space. 

Are we just another speck of dust? Are we more? Both? Neither?

To look inside something you cut it in half and then in half again and again until you have the smallest speck.  Each cut requires a “knife” with a blade that is finer than the speck to be cut.  Respectively you can cut with a knife, a light microscope, and electron microscope or a proton splitting Hadron Collider until the finest “knife” is your awareness that cannot cut itself.  

Stop looking outside for what you already have inside. 

Turn the light of awareness around and shine it on what you already are. 

Be happy. 

Be Now.


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