Mind Flows Happiness Follows 1-23-23

Water flows through a river.

Thoughts flow through a mind.

Both the name river and the name mind are only present when water or thoughts are present.

No water no river.

No thoughts no mind.

No mind no problem.

 Awareness of problems only exist when thoughts are thinking them.

You cannot stop a river.

You cannot stop thoughts.

But you can alter, diverge, or redirect just enough water or thoughts to irrigate the fields of your choice.

Will you choose to cultivate and water the fields of happiness or only be buoyed up by the few wildflowers of happiness that are found along your path?

One way to divert the stream of thoughts or the voice that is continually talking in your head is to send your mind on a mini vacation. While your mind is on vacation it has left thoughts of problems at home.

 One mini thought vacation is to focus on the sequence of chakra centers or sefirot in the body/mind/soul. As long as your attention is directed to this or any other “past time,” problem thoughts are nonexistent.

By contemplating levels of awareness, you are adding fertilizer for understanding and knowledge that are the foundation of natural happiness. This growth of happiness crowds out some of the problem weeds. And you return from your mini mind vacation awakened with more time for smiling.

Focused attention on these portals stretches out the gaps between thoughts and sensations that you can now wake up into. There is more open space between the weeds.

Breathe into this open space and smile.


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