The Sweeper Clearing Your Mind 1-31-23


     Some time back in the 1950’s my dad finished the attic of our home in Bellerose, NY.  He included a deep built-in closet with a sloping ceiling parallel to the roof of our cape cod style house. The deeper you went into the closet the more you had to bend over.  For me and my dog Brownie that was no problem.  We were young and quite flexible.  Way down towards the smallest vertical space of the closet was where we (Brownie and me) kept our magic flying carpet.  It was designed after the one Aladdin used.  In fact, the entire closet became our launching pad for explorations through space, time and our creatively imaginative minds.  Although Brownie is long gone, she is lovingly remembered as I continue with my adventures within Aladdin’s Closet. Although now in addition to the enjoyment of the adventures they often return with some additional practical advice.

    The mind is a filter for the continual changing flow of experience. Like light in its wave form radiating freely outward until meeting an object the mind with calm equanimity watches until an event too large to pass through its filtering emotional windows becomes caught bouncing to and fro, before coming to rest. 

    In time the mind sweeper comes along and opens a trap door at the bottom allowing all the other accumulated smaller experiences to empty out like those at the bottom of an older model tv where the fallen cowboys and soldiers lay in heaps. 

    Space, freedom, peace and calm can be found in the gap between thoughts as well as the weekly pause between episodes of our current style tv series.  But oh!, those cliff hangers. How long does it take to let go of the gnawing sensation of wanting the next episode right now? How much time for an event too large to pass through your mind’s filter to settle down and return you joyfully to the current moment of your life? 


    I almost slipped on the water that had splashed out of Aladdin’s closet. I looked into the closet and saw a baffling wonderland water spa. Without thinking I stepped over the threshold and dove into the sparkling blue water. Refreshed I got out into the warm sunlight and planned to lounge about for a while. Then I remembered this was not just a spa but Aladdin’s Spa. What was going to be revealed?

    Looking back into the water I could almost see a shimmering web of energy hovering just above the surface. It was inviting me to jump through it. As I jumped through and into the water, I could feel a slight tingle and surprisingly I also felt a bit lighter. It was as if I jumped through a filter or strainer of some kind that pulled something out of me. I climbed out and did it again. The same experience and again I felt somehow lighter and freer. The next time I dove in headfirst and then a cannon ball and then a belly flop. I sensed that the strainer was changing, and the holes were becoming smaller and smaller with each passing through. At first huge chunks were strained out of me and then with thinner spaces in the strainer smaller chunks. Feeling lighter I was able to jump higher and higher with bigger and bigger splashes.

    The bits and pieces of me that were being pulled out and collected were piled up on a silver tray at the edge of pool next to a backpack. What was filtered out of me looked like specks of sand, different sized colored pebbles, and rocks of varying size some with radiant glowing strange shapes. They appeared to be the reified concentrated remains of thoughts, emotions and feelings that were blocking the flow of life’s energy passing through me. As they were strained out, I felt lighter, airy, free and clear; happier.

Although it seemed impossible this was Aladdin’s pool where psychic strainers are always in vogue.

    As I contemplated this pile, I saw a note on the backpack. It read that I could dump the stuff in the trash, put it in the backpack and lug it around with me or once in the backpack it could be stored in a locker at the spa just in case I was not ready to joyfully throw it all away.

What would you do?

    In one way old unneeded thoughts weigh you down. They often cause you to search out tasty snacks.  In addition to clearing and discarding memories from your mind; you might try the Mind Sweeper Meditation as an alternative plan for nutritional health. 


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