Building with stardust 3-13-18


The entire opening of the Aladdin’s closet was glowing as a multi-colored light was pouring out into the hallway. As I stepped into the light its warmth encircled and soaked into my flesh like milk into an Oreo cookie. Saturated with flowing light I stepped into the closet. Although the light seemed to be coming equally from all directions there was a shadow in the middle of the closet. Something was blocking some of the light. With that thought the light was gone; vanished into the thin air which filled the now empty closet.

It was a beautiful dream up until the end when the light disappeared. At times during the day after the dream I kept feeling the echo of the warmth of the light. It was as though I could almost see it hidden behind things. At first it was behind colorful or shiny objects and plants. By the end of the day I could sense in not just behind but seeping out of almost everything and every body. I found that if I focused on the light itself the warmth returned. But if my thought was on the object the warmth was gone.

At that moment “I saw the Light.” One way or the other we are Stardust. Through eons of time specks of stardust have been reforming and reforming into the universe we know and everything in it. Stardust is inside and surrounds everything. In my dream I had a glimpse of the glowing radiance of the building blocks of the universe. It seemed as though I had x-ray vision to now see through everything into the heart of the universe. As long as I did not become attached to the outward appearance of things I was able to maintain their inner essence.

What if I were able to apply the same insight beyond objects and into the very thoughts in my head. I realized some time ago that my mood or level of happiness was contingent upon both outward circumstances and inner thoughts. Was there a corollary between the light of the dream shinning through everything and the light of happiness? Is happiness glowing outward from the inside or is happiness flowing in from the outside? The routine reality of everyday events flows by so quickly that the sense of being happy or not is lost in the goal of getting to the next thing that “needs” to get done. Most of the time there is a sense of liking or disliking what is happening right in front of me. Within each moment there is a lingering echo, a film, veil or silky web of attachment to wanting more or less of that moment. This attachment builds and is dragged along into the next moment and the next. By the end of the day the baggage carried either of good or bad gets heavy and tiring. We tend to fall back to comfortable food and activity to self sooth.

Spiritual gravity to the rescue. Like the light of the dream the pull of spiritual gravity is inside and surrounds everything. You can relax and allow spiritual gravity to tug downward on the baggage you carry around. Just relax, release and let it go. What remains is the present moment, refreshed and new. It has the quality of wonder as that of a child seeing and doing for the first time. Expectation along with evaluation of each moment is replaced by the pure joy of being alive in this moment. right now for this moment drop your resistance to these words. Imagine you can, just for now, forget your goals, desires and can nots. Become filled with the dream of Stardust that you already are.