Circles and path 3-8-2018

Overnight the entrance to Aladdin’s closet became a round doorway that extended inward as far as I could see. As I stepped through the entrance I was in the inside of a tunnel. After one step the tunnel changed into a sphere where I was about one third up from the bottom. Starting to explore I walked around the inside surface in a circular path. When I got back to the same point from where I started I noticed the path I was on was a little higher up the wall. This continued as I spiraled up higher and higher along the wall. Each circular path being very similar to those below.

When I got closer to the top and closer to the center of the sphere I was able to jump to a rope that was hanging down the middle of the sphere. I could then climb up directly to the top. Looking down at all of the circular paths I imagined how similar my days were one after the other.

Not only did I do many of the same things each day but I had many of the same thoughts. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. get up, meditation breathing yoga routine, shower, breakfast, drive to work, help people smile, lunch and on and on. Most of the thoughts I have are also repetitive. It’s like going around in circles but with an intention of direction so the circles are spirals. But the rope I climbed up. What was that? Like a tangent to a circle the rope was a way out of the pattern. The rope is a path to be on while all of the routine activities play out during the day. When the suspicion dawns on me that I am going around in circles I realize that I have lost my way. When lost I find most of my thoughts to be a running commentary, a voice in my head telling me whether I like or dislike what is happening. Whether I want more or less of this activity.

When I am on the path the commentary fades away and I appreciate the detail of whatever I am doing with expanded compassion, gratitude and love. While not changing whatever I am doing, when on the path, I am allowing Spiritual Gravity to pull me along. The rushing to get finished and go on to the next thing stops. Even right now my fingers have stopped racing over the keypad. My typing has slowed to a dance of movement. There is a balance between mind and body; a balance of two tensions. A dream or meditation of flowing. My body is expanding not in size but in connection to the space around me in both a quantum physical sense as well as a dissolving of mental emotional obstacles. I am freer with greater clarity and insight. I sense that I am standing still while flowing along catching the wave of time. Imagine being fully silent and the moving walkway of time is flowing through you….