… a beginning 2-26-2018


…… a beginning

We are all familiar with earth and space gravity.  Everything pulls and attracts everything else towards it.  The earth is so large in size compared to all of the objects we come in contact with that everything seems to fall toward the earth.  Spiritual gravity is similar in that everything is pulled or attracted to the center of the Heart of the universe.  The physical nature of things follows the routine everyday laws of gravity and objects are pulled down to the earth.  The thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as the spirit continue through the physical center of the heart in the body and are continually pulled beyond the physical body toward and into the Heart of the universe.  What tends to block the spiritual flow is attachment or holding on to those thoughts, feelings, emotions and spirit.  Body tension is the friction that holds the spirit back creating a congestion within the body/mind/spirit of each of us.  When the spirit flows freely as tension in the body/mind is relaxed an intertwining of physical and spiritual energy is created along with the concurrent sensations of bliss, joy and happiness.

This blog is a deconstruction of the blockages of spiritual energy and an enhancement of the learned ability to facilitate the flow of spirit allowing Spiritual Gravity its natural grace.

I was very fortunate as a child growing up in the 50’s in Bellerose a small community  at the eastern end of Queens NY near Floral Park, Bayside and Great Neck. My family had a small A-frame shaped house.  My spectacular dad, an accountant, designed, drew the plans and finished the upper attic level with two bedrooms and a central sitting area as well as the basement.

house 250 st

From the ages of 8 to 11 I got to help learning carpentry, electric connections, flooring, dry wall, painting and wall papering and patience (not mine but my dads).  As a kid I played in the storage areas behind the walls which had built-in removable bookcases and dressers.  My favorite was the closet with its slanted ceiling that on one side extended from way over my head (at age 8) to meeting the floor at its corner. My wonderful and best friend dog Brownie and I spent time imagining and playing inside the secret areas of the closet.

Now, 60 plus years later while contemplating this old closet  –  time has revealed its magic.  The mysteries of Spiritual Gravity are being revealed to me as I enter the lingering memories of play in what I had dubbed as Aladdin’s Closet.  From flying carpets to mystical insights and from stressful thoughts to joyful happiness the journey of releasing the tensions of modern life have been revealed.  I am happy to share all of these with you and especially welcome your thoughts, feelings, comments or skepticism and I especially hope they promote more happiness for you.


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