Emptying my mind 3-5-2018

Most mornings I venture into and explore the inside of Aladdin’s closet. It is surprising that as soon as I cross the thresh hold a dimension of awareness opens into intuitive thoughts and images. This morning I found myself at the bottom of a spiral staircase. As I started to ascend I found myself to be inside of a light house. I started the circular path upward and around and found that at every second time around there was an open window. I stopped for a moment at each one and look out to the horizon and then down to the ground. At first the horizon appeared the same from each ascending level however I became fascinated as the view of the same objects on the ground appeared smaller and smaller as I climbed higher and higher. I could not tell if the sensation of looking down from ascending heights was due to the actual height or the perception of objects getting smaller and smaller. I imagine that if some one placed smaller and smaller objects on the ground and I looked down from the same height I might have the same sensation.

In any case as I was getting higher and higher

At one point I sat down to catch my breath and focusing on breathing I slid into a light meditation.   With each breath I noticed that another thought of what I would be doing later in the day surfaced into my awareness.   Being intrigued with the climbing and getting higher and higher it was easy for me to just allow these thoughts to drift out of my mind as easily as they had drifted in. I also thought that, although it was a minor amount as I climbed higher, the effect of earth gravity reduced and I got lighter. The insight struck me that as I released the thoughts of future actions my mind also got lighter. Again Spiritual Gravity was pulling me along.

I resumed my climbing and stopping at each window I look out and down, breathed in and as I release my breath I released another level of anxious futuristic thought. My mind felt clear as though I was breathing in cool crisp fresh morning air. As the thoughts that are usually projected on the screen of my mind got lighter and lighter my mind felt freer and empty.

This emptying was allowing a falling away of constrictive and obstructive habits of mind.  As these habitual repetitive thoughts dissolved it felt as though a barrier was being removed from a river and the previously dammed up torrent of life started to flow freely. I shifted into a state of wonder and climbing down the steps I could hardly wait to experience the wonderful adventures of the rest of the day.