Playing with joy 3-4-2018

A glimpse, a peek of reality showing through, like a flash of lightning at night exposing the landscape and then fading back into darkened obscurity leaving its echo of joy.

As I stand at the edge of a forest I can sense its quiet expanse in front of me. Finding the edge of a path, an opening into the woods seems funny. A path is not really made up of anything other than the space where there is a little less woods. It has been traveled and fashioned by others who have come before.   It has a beginning and possibly an end but it is primarily middle. It is part of a larger path that I have followed that has brought me to the edge of the woods. A path across a field or from a parking lot or along a street or highway. And that path although not as visible as the space of the one within the woods is nevertheless a path that I traversed as well as the larger one marked by my birthdays across scores of years.

Go into your Aladdin’s closet as deeply as you need to allow the thoughts and distractions of your mind to dissolve just as the sounds of the city fade away as you walk along a path going deeply into a mighty forest. Once the quiet emerges you can listen and hearing the silence recall your own experience of playing within a closet, a make-believe tent or out in the sunshine.

See this moment with the anticipation and joy of a child going outside. Joy is an opportunity to see each moment with the feelings and sensations of a child running out to play. By carrying the closet with you it is there to step into and touch these sensations of joy. Then once reunited momentarily with these sensations you can act more easily and with greater calm. The routine activities of your day become easier and more enjoyable. You return home later in the afternoon less fatigued having spent your day with more moments of happiness. Allow the pull of spiritual gravity to do its job as you practice the joy of going into your own Aladdin’s closet.