Shape-Shifting 2-28-2018

…..Stepping over the threshold into  Aladdin’s closet I was surprised to see the black jacket, white shirt and suspenders were no where to be seen.  They had vanished.  I started to explore and found that the walls were not as solid as they appeared to my eye.  In some places the wall felt soft and stretchable like marshmallow.  In other places the wall retreated away from my touch.  It would shrink back avoiding any contact with my fingers.  Towards the back of the closet as I approached it the entire wall retreated and the depth of the closet increased dramatically.  And then forming in the middle of the back wall an image of my favorite mountain summer vacation lake and cottage appeared.  As I came closer to the image, which looked so real I could touch it, I did.  My hand reached through the wall into the picture and I stepped into it.  I was there at the lake.  Somehow this did not seem like a dream or a visualization.  It was much more like the Holodeck from Star Trek. Sounds, smells, sights all as real as I could perceive. Suddenly I felt softer like the walls of marshmallow in the closet…..


That day and the following days I seemed a bit more at ease. Routine minor annoyances were easier and my reaction to them dissipated faster.  I started to experience the walls of my mind as the walls of the closet; softer, more flexible more settled.  I imagine, although I did not have thoughts yet, that this was the beginning of my being pulled again by spiritual gravity.


It has been about two months since my first encounter with Aladdin’s closet.  There is now more room in my mind more spaciousness. My mind expands like the walls of the closet. I realize that life tugs you away from the quiet of the spiritual gravity that pulls you back.  There may be a balance between the outward pull of life’s experiences through its sense windows and thought; and the inner pull towards the one who is the seer, the observer of the experiences of the sense windows  As they balance the evolution of the soul advances.