Spiritual Gravity

* How to bring your own happiness to the surface

* How to pivot from unhappiness to happiness

* How to connect with your true self

* How to be at work as if you were on vacation

* How to rebound quickly back to your natural       

   happiness when you are pulled away from it

Like fad diets you may have tried different approaches to reducing stress and becoming happier. You get pulled and pushed in many directions and the information overload keeps you from your goal.  You can do it.  Many books and programs about stress and happiness ask you to set your target on conditions outside of yourself.  They emphasize more is better and may offer some help with the symptoms but they do not address the root problem.

This blog is unique.  It allows you to start just where you are.  You already have all of the happiness you will ever need right inside of you.  You just need the right tools and understanding to bring it up to the surface of your mind, body and spirit. Whether you have a history of happiness that is large or small you have had happy experiences. To truly benefit with this blog that is all you need. These past experiences are the Spiritual Gravity that pulls you deeper into happiness.  The recall of your past happy experiences provides everything. This blog will allow you to uncover the essence of your own natural happiness and grow that happiness so that you can harvest it at any time anywhere.