Imaginary Happiness or Real?

I invite you to go on an imaginary journey to an island of happiness.  Whether it may be near or far away is dependent upon your enthusiasm to arrive.  As you pass the islands of peace, calm and stillness you will know you are imagining in the right direction.

There are four parts to this imaginary journey. You already have each of the parts.  The key is how you combine them together.

Begin with your eyes either closed or open.  What do you see?  With eyes open perhaps a computer screen. Words on the screen, table, wall, floor, pictures?  Are you outside or near a window?  Perhaps trees, sky, buildings, clouds? Are your eyes closed?  Darkness with patches and bits of colored lights?

Next begin to listen. What are the sounds you hear? Are they close by or far away?  Which is the closest the farthest?  

Third. What can you feel right now within or against your body? An itch, pressure, sore muscle, lightness or airiness? 

And the fourth and final part your thoughts.  What are you thinking about; Yesterday? Tomorrow? Why am I doing this? What am I seeing, hearing and feeling right now?

Go through each of the four parts in order a few times.

Seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking.

Get a solid sense of each of the four.

Notice your general tone of peace, calm, stillness and happiness.

Now for the fun.

Imagine you can combine these sense windows.

Start with whatever you are seeing and combine this along with whatever you are hearing at the same time. Imagine you are see/hearing these two senses combining together.  Imagine them not alternating but being aware of both; equally at the same time. This becomes a two dimensional awareness.  Like a drawing or graph on a flat piece of paper with vertical and horizontal axes.

Now add the sense of feeling sensation as a third concurrent awareness.  This addition creates the imaginary third dimension of depth to the image in your mind.  You may start to notice a shift in the way you feel. This is similar to the shift from looking at a scenic view with one eye to seeing it with both eyes open. Or the shift from listening to music going from mono to stereo or from stereo to surround sound.  

At any time it is fine to start over with the individual sense of sight or sound etc. And then start combining one, two or three senses.

When you are ready you may enjoy adding the sense of thought to the mix.  Most likely thought has slipped into each of the other senses already.  See if you can separate the thoughts and imagine each sense and their combinations without thought.  Just imagine and sense the sights, sounds or feelings directly without thinking about them. 

Start over with sight, sound, feeling, thinking etc 

When you add thought your mind may begin to drift within the ocean of imagination. Stay with, or return as needed to, the combination of three dimensional sight/sound/sensation and allow the currents of thought  to drift you toward the islands of peace, calm and stillness.  Keep going when you reach happiness, relax; take off your shoes; you will feel right at home.    



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